Single Rotor RC Helicopters

Find a fixed pitch rtf electric helicopter that fits your skill level and that’s easy to upkeep.

Fixed pitch rc helicopters are usually the next level a pilot heads towards after coaxial helicopters. These rc helis consist of a main rotor that doesn’t change pitch, instead, it uses the speed of the head rotor to move up or down. Pitch is the angle of a rotor blade in correlation to a horizontal plane. In a collective pitch helicopter, the main blades actually “swivel,” on a fixed pitch helicopter, there is no swivel.

These RC Helicopters are usually cheaper than collective pitch helicopters and have less moving parts in the rotor head, which translates into quicker repairs for the rc helicopter pilot. Collective pitch helicopters are also more responsive than fixed pitch helicopters making a bit more difficult to fly.

Fixed pitch helicopters are flown by beginners and pros alike. They offer a bit of a different feel and can be very “relaxing” with their slower movements and speed.

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