ShuangMa DH9104 RC Helicopter Parts

This is the new 450 sized ShuangMa Double Horse 9104 3 Channel helicopter. The 9104 is uniquely built with a sleek design and alloy structure, making it the most impressive and durable helicopter in its class.It comes equipped with a built in gyro, offering you unrivaled stability, with an advanced intelligent balance system, you will never lose control.

The ShuangMa Double Horse 9104 has a fully functional, all around 3 channel control system. so you can fly in any direction. The 9104 measures at almost 28 inches in length, with almost 11 inches in height.The look and feel is comparable to the most respectable helicopters available for the more information on this amazing helicopter.

Double Horse Banlance Bar 9104-01
ShuangMa  DH9104-02 Connect Buckle Set
ShuangMa Double Horse 9104-03 Blade Grip Set
ShuangMa Double Horse 9104-04 Main Rotor Blade A+B (Red)
ShuangMa Double Horse 9104-04 Main Rotor Blade A+B (Blue)
ShuangMa Double Horse 9104-06 Bottom Fan Clip
ShuangMa Double Horse 9104-07 Main Gear
ShuangMa Double Horse 9104-08 Hollow Pipe
ShuangMa Double Horse 9104-09 Main Frame
ShuangMa Double Horse 9104-10 Main Motor Unit
ShuangMa Double Horse 9104-11 Main Frame Decorated Aluminium Plates
ShuangMa Double Horse 9104-13 Decorative Bar
ShuangMa Double Horse 9104-14 Chopper Tail Unit
ShuangMa Double Horse 9104-15 Servo (1pc)
ShuangShuangMa Double Horse 9104-16 Swashplate
ShuangMa Double Horse 9104-17 Nose Tail Tube Fixed
ShuangMa Double Horse 9104-18 Undercarriage
ShuangMa Double Horse 9104-19 Tail Rotor Blade (Blue)
ShuangMa Double Horse 9104-19 Tail Rotor Blade (Red)
ShuangMa Double Horse 9104-20 Receiver Board 27mHz/40mhz/49mhz
ShuangMa Double Horse 9104-23 7.4V Li-Polymer Battery
ShuangMa Double Horse 9104-24 Canopy (Blue)
ShuangMa Double Horse 9104-24 Canopy (Red)
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